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      Security Reminder   10/18/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

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  3. This is a thread to clarify what are warning points & how do they work. If you've been wrongfully punished, submit a staff report HERE, and an appeal HERE. Punishment durations: 3 Points: 1 Day posting restrictions 6 Points: 3 Day posting restrictions 9 Points: 7 Day posting restrictions 12 Points: 15 Day posting restrictions 15 Points: 30 Day posting restrictions, 7 day forum ban 20 Points: 30 Day / Permanent ban All warnings expire in 30 days after being applied. Warning amounts & Reasons 1 Point: 1. Spamming 2. Intentionally breaking rules/Encouraging others to break rules 3. Backseat Moderation 4. Signature violations 5. Abusive behavior 3. Points: 1. Harassment 2. Pornography/Offensive/Inappropriate materials 3. Intentionally breaking rules/Encouraging others to break rules 4. Discrimination 6. Points: 1. Leaking someone's private data 2. Abusing systems 3. Ban evasion 12. Points: 1. Leaking staff chats, player's IRL info 2. Threatening the well being of the forums or its members 20. Points: 1. Advertisements 2. Scamming
  4. Ancient Bug

    Howdy, I am currently on the Ancient Spellbook and using the teleport home spell logged me out immediately after the animation played. Then when I tried to log back in it tells me I'm already logged in and that its kicking my account, I get in but I get a black play screen (I can still see my inventory) and then it kicks me out again. I tired to close out of the client and load it back up but I still have the same problem. I logged into a throw away account to see if it was a server issue, but I logged in fine. Thanks for looking into this! -Stephen.
  5. Howdy from Texas!

    Welcome to Avalon, Stephen. Pleasure to have you here!
  6. Howdy from Texas!

    Howdy, Joined the server a few days back and enjoying my time so far. Seems I joined during a time of development which I always liked when playing RSPS. I love politics and economics and have had the pleasure to serve as an economic advisor to previous RSPSs. I've been learning code. Currently studying Python and have some knowledge with Java and HTML from some high school classes, but hope my time as a keyboard warrior for the USAF Reserve will teach me some more ins-and-outs of coding languages. My favorite skill on Runescape is farming because like in the real world, I forget to check on things and they die. Other than that, I'm a typical Texas guy. I eat BBQ, ride a horse everywhere, say "y'all", substandard education, wear a cowboy hat, and lie on my Tinder profile. Feel free to tell me howdy in game or on the forums! I look forward to doing what I can to help both the game and community move forward. -Stephen.
  7. Good day everyone For the remainder of Avalon, or until my services are no longer required, I will be your Forum Manager as well as the Forum Developer. I'll make my background quick: I have been working with IPB (our Forum Software) for the past 9 months. I have become progressively better at handling a majority of issues going on with forums. Forum downtime is almost never our fault. Onto some things I have added and changed. Uploaded a new background since the scumbag Arlo just steals everything Added a plugin to show "Staff Online" on the forums Installed and enabled a snow effect for the holidays Enabled Clubs Implemented a discord widget on the sidebar right below clubs (You can join our discord HERE) Updated the Staff Directory (You can view it HERE) Added a really nice feature for Forum Moderators/Global Moderators+ to where they can handle rank requests that are not staff related (They can set usergroups in the Moderator Control Panel.) These are not ALL of the updates as I am still sifting through some of my resources to bring to Avalon, so do not fret. If you find anything that may need fixing or looked at, don't hesitate to send me a message here or message me on discord (Nyx#6763) Nyx - Forum Manager/Developer
  8. Avalon Deadman Mode World 2 (BETA)

    Sounds interesting
  9. Game Updates #15: 28-11-2017

    Keep up the good work tainted, and we can get out playerbase back
  10. Game Updates #14: 27-11-2017 tainted - many agility shortcuts around the world has been added tainted - evergreen tree can now be cut tainted - jungle tree can now be cut tainted - dying tree can now be cut tainted -dead tree can now be cut tainted -you now need 1000 total levels to start rfd in lumbridge cellar tainted - dragon longsword and dragon daggers now have lost city skill reqs to equip tainted - green d'hide body and rune plate body requires 500 total level to wear tainted - ghostly robes & ancient staff require desert treasure level requirements to wear tainted - reworked the achievement task rewards (world 2) tainted - ::worldinfo command has been added (world 2) http://avalon.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  11. Game Updates #14: 27-11-2017 tainted - you can now view achievement tasks in quest tab (world 2) tainted - reworked many npcs drop tables tainted - reworked running away? not so fast! message when trying to teleport or logout during combat tainted - reworked donator shop (world 2) tainted - essence mining now works in all standing angles tainted - tea stall in east varrock now works http://avalon.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  12. Game Updates #13: 26-11-2017 tainted - abrrent spectre's name has been corrected in the monster drop viewer tainted - Catacombs based monsters in catacombs now has dark totem in their rare drop table, can be viewed ingame tainted - spined body now covers arms tainted - giant squirrel pet from agility courses has increased in chance of getting it which makes it easier to obtain tainted - no longer teleport to wilderness event bosses with command tainted - bounty hunter target finding is now fixed tainted - fixed the stair for wilderness deep dungeon near mage bank with its monsters tainted - after finishing raids, you can now exit the olm room with the stairs tainted - iron man store now has noted & more amount of herblore secondaries tainted - fixed safespotting against ranged and mage monsters tainted - world 2 deadman mode is being worked on for beta tainted - crystal key hourly reward has been replaced with blood money tainted - bloody key has been added after finishing raids to be used on crystal chest for rewards tainted - better info on world switching hovertip on 1.9 version tainted - snow has been added all around the world on 1.9 version tainted - you can now thieve all men and woman in lumbridge tainted - yew tree in lumby graves work tainted - all yew trees in safezone has been replaced with a yew stump (World 2) tainted - all magic trees in safezone has been replaced with a magic stump (World 2) tainted - teleport spells now shows as locked when you dont have required runes tainted - you can operate teleport with amulet of glory charged tainted - you can operate teleport with game's necklace tainted - changed the did you know messages abit tainted - corporeal beast lobby (teleport) is now a multi zone in world 2 tainted - goblins & hobgoblins now have their drop table tainted - pvm casket table has been worked on (World 2) tainted - Quest tab has been reworked to a slightly more osrs look (Client 2.0) tainted - draynor spawns has been added tainted - jail guards are now aggressive tainted - veos has been added in port sarim to give you great kourend and lands end travelling tainted - Skippy has been added in tutorial island where you start to give you 5 options of places to start in (World 2) tainted - bugs within tutorial island starting has been fixed (World 2) tainted - You can now pass to gnome stronghold through gate tainted - New client download (2.0) press "play now" to download it http://avalon.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  13. Avalon will now have 2 worlds. world 1: Economy & World 2: Deadman Mode. DMM world is a PvP & 2015 deadman mode oriented server with twists here and there, for example everywhere is pvp (with some guarded cities), no bank raiding, no pj timer Deadman Mode is the ultimate in risk vs reward PvP. Everyone can play world 2, however existing accounts on world 1 will not be linked with world 1. Donator ranks will be given to world 2, but donator points will not be sent from one world to the other. to play on the Deadman mode world BETA, choose world 2 on the client login screen to proceed. Player vs player combat is enabled everywhere! The only exceptions to this are inside Fight Caves and Tutorial Island, and camping in either of those places isn't going to do you much good. You may relay only in guarded zones other than that every single spot in Avalon is PvP in Deadman mode. Guard zones: Death: Currently in Avalon's deadman mode, you will only lose everything equipped and everything in your inventory this means items in bank will not be lost on death to a npc or player. Skull: When a player is skulled attacking a player, he may not enter a guarded zone and if one does he will get stacked damages rapidly but on Avalon's deadman mode you'd have a chance to leave the guarded zone to help skullers from entering safezones by accident. Minigames: Pest Control - Disabled Fight Pits - Disabled Castle wars - Disabled Duel arena - Disabled
  14. Game Updates #12: 10-11-2017 Clive - You can now create the infernal max cape. Clive - Blood money store has been reworked. Clive - When donating 5m+ to the WOGW, it will now announce this, It used to be 10m Clive - There is now a rune essence mine teleport in the skilling locations. Clive - Daily tasks will now reset daily. Clive - A world message will send when players prestige. tainted - you can now mine essence runes tainted - you can thieve gem stall at ardougne to progress Ardougne elite diaries tainted - all yew trees around falador counts for diary tainted - picking berries in falador park has been reduced from 5 mins to 3 mins Jaydon - The slayer helm now tells you how many slayer monsters you got left Jaydon - More Helpful threads buttons now work tainted - corrected the hard task "mix super defence within neitiznot province" tainted - mining guild door has been fixed tainted - all furnaces around the work should work now tainted - skillers cove has been removed, replace with catherby fishing tainted - most fishing spots has been added around the world http://avalon.everythingrs.com/services/vote
  15. Re Worked my signatures

    hey guys i just wanted some opinions if i over did it with the siggies on my posts lmk -Skyyler
  16. Castiel's Introduction

    welcome, glad to have you here,
  17. Update Question

    We're wanting to connect better to our player base, and see what THEY would like to have. Please either fill in the poll or reply with other possible things.
  18. Castiel's Introduction

    Hello Avalon! My name is Castiel(Shawn) I am 22 years old. I have been playing RSPS since 08'. I have worked with many of the current staff members on here and have offered my services as Community Manager! I hope to meet each and every one of you and get to know you all as we build a bigger and better Avalon! Feel free to PM me in game or on forums if you have any questions or just want to talk. I am always open for a chat -Castiel
  19. Game Updates #11: 10-11-2017 tainted - Bandos godsword now uses 50% for spec attack, no stats has been changed with it tainted - added ::rules command tainted - wearing crossbow stance animations has been fixed and corrected to match osrs Clive - A message now comes up when a player claims a vote telling others to. tainted - decreased amount of pk point tickets gained in killing wilderness bosses http://avalon.everythingrs.com/services/vote Blitzthebong has made us a nice signature everyone can use anywhere you like
  20. Game Updates #10: 9-11-2017

    Great work, thanks for the huge amount of updates, keep doing great things @Tainted @Clive
  21. Server Rules

    1.1 Botting/Macroing Avalon does not allow the use of third party software to gain an unfair advantage while playing our game. This includes bots, auto clickers, or any other third party software. 1.2 Bug Abuse Intentionally abusing bugs with your knowledge that causes harm to Avalon and the community will automatically result in a ban if you continue to abuse it and don’t report it. If you find a bug instantly report it under the “Report a Bug” section. 1.3 Duping Any player that dupes items without informing the Avalon Management Team will result in a termination of your account along with all the items duped. This infringement is a permanent ban in all circumstances and will never be looked into. 1.4 Glitched Items Attempting to exchange any glitched item on the Avalon Market is against the Avalon rules and the punishment is case-to-case. Section 2 - Threats 2.1 DDoS Threats A DDoS threat will always result in a mute and if it continues then an IP Mute. If a threat becomes an action then the player will be IP Banned. 2.2 Hacking Threats Threatening to hijack another player’s account will always result in a Ban. 2.3 Real Life Threats Sending real life threats such as a “dox”, or a violent threat that puts a player in danger is against the rules and the punishment is case-to-case. 2.4 Flaming There is to be NO FIGHTING, I repeat NO FIGHTING in the help channel, anyone who is bantering over the help channel will be immediately muted. If a fight occurs between two players take it to your PMs. If you feel seriously offended and report it, the penalties will be distributed due to severity. Section 3 - PvM 3.1 Safe-Spotting Any player standing in an area where a NPC can not fight back in PvM situation is against the rules. Anyone caught Safe-Spotting will be jailed. EXCEPTIONS APPLY FOR : GIANT MOLE. Section 4 - Scamming 4.1 Item Scamming Scamming another player for their in game items will always result in a ban and MAY be reversed on staff discretion and if all the items are returned to the player. 4.2 Black Market Scamming Scamming another player on the Avalon Black Market will result in a forums and IP Ban. It will only be reversed if all goods are returned to the original owner. 4.3 Gamble Betting All bets must be shown and proven before beginning any bets. Anyone attempting to gamble with imaginary items will be given a 3 day ban, regardless of the result. Repeat offenders will be at risk of a permanent ban. ALL SCAM REPORTS MUST BE FILED WITH VIDEO PROOF. Section 5 - Accounts 5.1 Selling & Buying Accounts Avalon accounts are NOT allowed to be sold or bought for any reason. 5.2 Hacking Hijacking a player's forum or in game account will result in a permanent Serial Ban. 5.3 Sharing Accounts Sharing accounts is risky and we highly advise that it shouldn’t be done. If an account that is being shared breaks another rule then all IP’s will be banned on the account. 5.4 Starter Pack Farming Creating several accounts with the intent to wait out the new player timer in order to farm the starter pack is against the rules and will result in an IP Ban. 5.5 Multi-Logging You can have up to three accounts logged in at once, same rule goes for in wilderness. Section 6 - Black Market 6.1 Avalon for Outside RSPS, RSGP & IRL Cash There is NO selling Avalon gp for any other game version or real life cash. Our virtual items are not allowed to be sold in any way, shape, or form and if you are caught you will be banned. Section 7 - Staff 7.1 Staff Impersonation Pretending to be a member a part of the Avalon staff team with intent of scamming or hacking will result in an IP Ban. Make sure that you are not tricked by a random player, all staff members have crowns. Players pretending to be staff to cause havoc will be serial banned, we don't play games. 7.2 Staff Disrespect Disrespecting staff members such as begging for a spot on the staff team or being rude in general will result in a mute and possibly a ban, however asking the current roster of the staff team is NOT staff disrespect. 7.3 Abusing ::Help in the wild Using ::Help in the wild with the intent to kill staff members will result in a IP Bann. Section 8 - Wilderness & Minigames 8.1 "Ragging" Ragging becomes against the rules if it is taken to an extreme and prevents players from being able to PK in the wilderness. If so then this will result in being jailed until the lesson is learned. 8.15 "Ragging Cont" Players cannot enter the wilderness with less than 3 items, this is a form of ragging and will not be tolerated, this is also considered a minor form of PKP farming, so these offences repeated will lead to jail time and possibly ban. 8.2 PkP Boosting Killing other accounts in the wilderness with a malicious intent of trying to boost your PkP or KDR is against the rules and can lead to a ban. 8.3 Luring Luring another player to the wilderness with intention of taking his items without his knowledge is against the rules and can lead to being jailed until the lesson is learned. Using help in wilderness refer to Rule 7.3 8.4 Rule Switching Rule Switching at the Duel Arena or pulling out items at the last second is against the rules will result in a ban with proper evidence. 8.5 Death Dotting Standing under a player in the duel arena in an attempt to give their opponent an advantage is against the rules and will result in being jailed. 8.6 Multi Log Wildy Any players who are caught multi logging in the wildy with the purpose to : PK, Wildy Wyrm. Will lead to immediate jail time, and if repeated will result in ban. HOWEVER you MAY use accounts to scout, AND resource farm @ rogues castle. Section 9 - Miscellaneous 9.1 Leaking IPs Leaking a player’s IP goes hand-in-hand with threats and will result in a ban. Leaking personal information is something that Avalon takes very seriously. 9.2 Intolerance Avalon has absolutely no tolerance for racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other intolerance. These can easily create hatred and we will not have that around. 9.3 Advertising Advertising anything but Avalon will result in a permanent ban. 9.4 DDoSing These actions are illegal and will not be tolerated by Avalon. Any DDoS with proof of the victim or a third party member will always result in a permanent IP Ban in game and on the forums. 9.5 Proxy & VPN Voting Using third party software to vote several times in one day is banned because it is immoral and can actually get us banned of the voting sites. Please do not do this because it could possibly prevent us from growing. 9.6 Abusing voting bugs Voting more than twice a day on each link due to a bug in the voting website is against the rules and will lead to a jail until the player gives back all the vote scrolls and cash earned from the votes. 2nd offense is an account ban. 9.7 Chat Image Spam Any image used in chat will result in a 2 hour mute. Repeat offenses will result in an IPmute. Section A - Forum Rules A.1 Gravedigging Posting on any threads that are over 30 days old is considered to be spamming and will result in an infraction A.2 Spamming Excessive spamming on the forums will result in an infraction on your forum account and possibly a forum ban. A.3 Falsified Reports Faking any sort of evidence in order to get a player banned or to get you unbanned will result in a permanent termination of your account. A.4 Inappropriate Content Any inappropriate content that you post on the forums will be removed immediately and could result in a forum ban. A.5 NSFW Content & Signatures ALL NSFW content must be put in a spoiler with a warning that it is NSFW content. A.6 Large Signatures Excessively large signatures that are an annoyance to players will be removed by the staff team. There is no punishment for this unless it is intentional and the signature is inappropriate. A.7 Outside Links Be cautious when posting outside links, any link that directs to another RSPS or anything of that nature will result in an infraction. A.8 Reputation Farming Asking players or paying players to like your posts is against the rules. This also includes asking for likes to enter giveaways. Failing to follow this rule will result in forum restrictions and your post being deleted. Types of Punishments Shoutbox Ban Disables your ability to post in the shoutbox. Forum Ban Removal of access to post on the forums and create forum accounts from one day to permanent. Jail Places your account in jail for a set amount of time. You must be logged in for the time to count. Server/Game Ban Disables your ability to log in to the Avalon Server/Game. IP Ban Disables your IP from logging into the Avalon Server/Game. Mute Disables your ability to chat in game for a given time. IP Mute Disables your IP's ability to chat in game. MAC Ban Disables your computer's MAC address from logging into the Avalon Server/Game. Final Notes Any punishment related to any offense of the rules is given from the judgement and discretion of that staff member. If you feel you have been mistreated by a staff member report them to an Advisor. If you feel that you have been punished unfairly you may appeal here. These rules are subject to be changed at any time by the staff team. If you are scammed, hacked or lose an item due to a bug it will not be replaced or refunded by the staff team. If something goes wrong under your IP or account you will still be held responsible. It does not matter if your mom, dad, little brother or sister did it. By making a forum and/or in game account at Avalon you accept these rules and terms. Appeal Format What is my ingame and forums username - What rule(s) did i break - Date and time of punishment - What was my punishment - Why should my appeal be be accepted - For all appeals please use correct format or they will be instantly declined. Please only have ONE appeal open at one time. Be patient with appeals do not tell a staff member you have appealed we will get to them ASAP.
  22. Game Updates #10: 9-11-2017

    Great work, can tell you have been working hard. There are just 3 I don't agree with really -I think player should have to make own/ Buy DFS -The idea of selling dragon bones even though its in wildy might eventually bother some people. a decent amount of new players usually look to d bones for to sell for some extra cash between players. -I'm guessing that others disagree with me but I thought the drop rates at GWD were fine It was keeping a overflow of GWD items in the game. Keeping up price. All the regularly done updates are appreciated.
  23. Game Updates #10: 9-11-2017

    Game Updates #10: 9-11-2017 tainted - Skotizo pet has now been change from the very rare table to rare tainted - ultimate iron man now gets the hourly crystal key reward to their inventory space tainted - rune pouch can be claimed with a rare drop from any monsters in wilderness tainted - added all osrs monsters in wilderness tainted - mammoths now has drop table matching osrs tainted - fixed equipping items after opening grand exchange pos screen tainted - new pvp zone has been added, ::pvp2 or ::pvplms to get there safely tainted - increased the attack damage of twisted bow + prayer bonus Clive - Ingredients needed to create super combat potions has been fixed. tainted - long and curved bone will now give their prayer exp when buried. Clive - Battlestaves now have an animation/gfx when creating. tainted - monk in level 38 wilderness chaos altar sells baby dragon bones and dragon bones for quick pray er exp gaining tainted - protect from mage will now take effect when fighting battle mage's in mage arena tainted - elder chaos druids has been added to the chaos altar, can be found fastest with the teleport tainted - all godwards bosses rare & very rare drops have been increased 30% - 40% tainted - every monster in catacombs is now aggresive tainted - learning the route into cerberus cave has been decreased to 700 slayer points Clive - Oziach will now create a Dfs for you for 10m gp. Clive - Dragon Slayer shop added to Oziach. tainted - granite body now equips as a full body covering arms tainted - greater nechryael's will now count as a normal nechryael task for slayer exp when killed tainted - dragon claws exchange price has now been increased to protect over items that are cheaper tainted - remade ranging & magic shop tainted - changes to vote point reward shop (more items) tainted - added blood money exchange shop tainted - changed the amount of blood money and pk point tickets achieved after killstreaks tainted - doomsayer is the blood money exchanger, he can be found in edgeville bank next to mandrith tainted - all wilderness monsters have a chance of dropping either x75, x55 or x40 bloodmoney tainted - all wilderness bosses have a higher blood money drop (can be viewed in drop table viewer) tainted - wilderness rejuvinate monsters such as mammoths, ents, elder chaos druid and green dragons always drop blood money tainted - wilderness lever now takes you to the correct position from edgeville to deserted keep wilderness tainted - lock picks are now needed to pass through locked doors in wilderness such as magic axes house near resource area tainted - entity combat when hitting a monster or player now has a better visible color for current health tainted - rogues chest has been added in wilderness near chaos elemental requiring 84 thieving reward with rune scims tainted - dragon warhammer drop rate has been decreased by 45% tainted - Mutated bloodvelds count as bloodveld task tainted - New client version 1.8, press "play now" to download latest client tainted - demonic gorilla's now drop blood money tainted - twisted bow now has its price to protect over other valuable items tainted - Yak's hitpoints is now 50, was 22 before & more spawns added for it tainted - abyssal demon's rare table has increase by 30% & very rare has decreased by 70% tainted - scorpions & grizzly bears in wilderness are now attackable tainted - monk's bones shop is now valued with blood money tainted - Giant spiders in wilderness are now attackable tainted - deadly red spiders added near runite ores in wilderness tainted - nerfed dragon claws special attack tainted - rune pouch is now unloseable when dieing tainted - ultimate iron man mode can now open blood money shop tainted - death jr pet will now spawn when you drop him tainted - blood money are now tradeable & losing on death http://avalon.everythingrs.com/services/vote Monk's bones shop, quickly gain prayer exp! Many wilderness monsters added, kill them for good lootation and blood money!
  24. Due to certain problems arising "Jody" has been demoted from the community manager position. I'm not going into what problems there were due to privacy reasons and such. But we're sad it had to end this way and we hope he makes the best of what he is going to do next!
  25. Clive's Introduction.

    Welcome to the team clive.
  26. Game Updates #9: 1-11-2017

    Good work boys!
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